Vista qulu VMS 3.0
PUBLISHED 05 Jul 2017
Release Notes:

System Setting "Allow System to Optimize Camera Settings" became enabled after upgrade to 3.0. Fixed.

PUBLISHED 13th June 2017
Release Notes:
o qulu Cloud (Qcloud) - connect your system to Qcloud to login from anywhere and share access to your system, saving hours in port- forwarding setup and coordination
o All new desktop client - completely revamped desktop client for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux
o Web browsing in desktop client - users can add, view, and interact with URLs in the desktop client
o Q Lite Client - the Q now has a Lite Client which can be controlled from the new mobile app
o Custom ‘User Roles’ - administrators can now create custom roles and share groups of hardware and layouts
o New, faster mobile app - with a new, faster propriety developed media player, layouts and live thumbnails
o New server storage database - increases performance of server archive management
o View ‘Archive’ from ‘Deleted Cameras’ - allows users to see archives for deleted cameras that still have footage in storage archive
o Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Support - LTS = Long term support
o Axis T8311 Joystick support now added (Windows only)
o 2-way audio integrated for Hikvision and ACTi devices
o New Windows Installer – improves installation making it even simpler

o Axis T8311 Joystick support now added (Windows only)
o Advanced PTZ support added for Sony SNC-WR600
o Encoder License support added for: ACTi TCD2100, Axis M7001, Axis M7010, Axis M7011, Axis M7014, Axis P7016, Axis P7210, Axis P7214, Axis P7216, Axis Q7401, Axis Q7404, Axis Q7406, Axis Q7411, Bosch VIP X16 XF E, Bosch VIP-X1600-XFM4, Bosch VJT- X40XF-E, Hikvision DS-6701, Hikvision DS-6704, Hikvision DS-6716, Honeywell HVE4, Pelco NET5504, Pelco NET5508, Pelco NET5516, Samsung SPE- 100, Samsung SPE-101, Samsung SPE-1600, Vivotek VS8401, Vivotek VS8801
o Pelco Net5504, Net5516 encoders are now supported
o Pelco D5220 PTZ capabilities enabled
o New Arecont Vision devices supported: AV08ZMD-400, AV4655m, AV4656, AV6656, AV10655, AV12565, AV12566, AV20565
o New Axis devices supported: C1004, C2005, C3003-E, M1045, M1054, M1065, M2025, M2026, M3044, M3045, M3046, M3104, M3105, M3106, P1264, P1254, P3707, P1244, Q1941, Q3615, Q3617, Q3708, Q6055, Q6052, Q6155

o Added I/O support for FLIR FC-series cameras
o Improved default password auto-fill during auto- discovery
o Added camera RTSP URL to the ‘Advanced’ tab in ‘Camera Settings’
o ‘Advanced’ Tab in ‘Camera Settings’ now works for Axis cameras
o Motion detection can be adjusted to any camera stream on ‘Expert’ tab in ‘Camera Settings’
o Redesigned ‘Device Output’ action
o Added ‘Restore Factory Defaults’ option to server web page for Q
o Added support of different file systems (besides ext) for Linux-based servers
o Improved algorithm for balancing the bitrates between storage drives
o Adaptive reserved space value for storage locations depending on disk size - 10-30Gb for local disks and 50-100Gb for NAS - this change doesn’t affect existing server installations
o Added informative message when external storage can’t be added because of wrong login/password
o Time synchronisation between servers improved
o Camera settings are defaulted now if camera is deleted and added again
o Redesigned email notifications
o Content-type for POST requests is now automatically detected (HTTP request as an action)
o Initial connection from desktop and mobile clients optimised to decrease the overall connection time
o LIVE video buffer size can now be adjusted in ‘Client Settings’
o Smoother timeline operation
o Better support of Retina displays (4K)
o Added pre-update free space checking to the client and server - warning will appear if at least one of the peers has not got enough space to get an update pack
o Licences can be now recovered during backup/restore procedure
o Users can now select multiple expired licences to remove
o Added ‘Export’ option to the licences list in ‘System Administration’
o Whole system can now be renamed via the web admin interface
o Bookmarks can now be edited from the ‘Context Menu’ on ‘Bookmark Log Dialog’
o Storage analytics doesn’t take into account backup storage any more
o Zoom window that was applied to cameras with strange aspect ratios also had strange aspect ratios – improved
o Added warning about the file size limitation for export to .exe
o Added export to MP4 container format
o Default archive export container format is changed to MKV
o Added hotkey Ctrl+Shift+D for ‘Disconnect from System’ action
o Old crash dumps are now removed by server to prevent high disk space usage
o Incremental expansion of Server API documentation
o General server stability improvements based on anonymous usage and crash statistics

o Banner information disclosure vulnerability - identified and addressed
o Web server directory traversal vulnerability - identified and addressed
o Added resilience measures for DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks
o SSL vulnerabilities - identified and addressed

o Arecont Vision AV20275, AV20365, AV12275 and AV12276 displayed incorrect sensor order. Fixed
o Arecont Vision AV20275 maximum ‘fps allowed value’ increased to 7
o Honeywell cameras showed unauthorized all the time. Fixed
o Server could not successfully authenticate with Honeywell H4D3PRV2 & H4D3PRV3. Fixed
o Some rare camera models show “Loading” when viewed in full-screen. Fixed
o Software motion detection did not work with the Pelco NET5508. Fixed
o Only key frames were replayed from Pelco Optera IMM12027 archive. Fixed
o Axis P7216 encoder duplicate discovery. Fixed
o New fisheye ACTi cameras faced unwanted automatic dewarping. Fixed
o Samsung PNF-9010 dewarped stream was selected for secondary. Fixed
o Stream from Sony SNC-EP550 sometimes hung and didn’t have audio. Fixed
o Vista VK2-3MPEFEDre tilt worked incorrectly. Fixed
o Hikvision WH-D5216A could not be added correctly. Fixed
o Hikvision DS-6716HWI encoder channels streams not aligned correctly. Fixed
o Hikvision multisensor DS-2CD6362F-I had mis-aligned stream profiles across the channels. Fixed
o Hikvision devices’ digital input was only detected for automatic Port ID selected in ‘Advanced Event Rules’ settings. Fixed
o Server on Windows periodically crashed if there were Hikvision cameras in Tree. Fixed
o Cameras could be duplicated in ‘Resources Tree’ if they were added manually and then auto discovered by server. Fixed
o Audio for some cameras and RTSP links was played in Web Client with knocking effect. Fixed
o Server discovered but didn’t add to the resources on some Onvif cameras. Fixed
o Media server missed some files on fast archive scan. Fixed
o Server HWID on Windows differed from HWID on Linux that could lead to license loss on OS change. Fixed
o Admin’s password for the whole system could change if one of the servers was merged to another system via ‘Merge to currently connected system’ in ‘Resources Tree’ in client. Fixed
o Downloading HLS video of big size (>1000 seconds) via API took a huge time to prepare a file. Fixed
o Exported via API HLS video with duration parameter set had incorrect timeline size. Fixed
o Part of licences could disappear during merge systems. Fixed
o Local client settings won’t change after the upgrade to Mac OS X Sierra (last opened layout, last connections list, etc.). Fixed
o Client on Mac OS X hung when high resolution image was set as background. Fixed
o Client on Mac OS X sometimes worked improperly with touch pad. Fixed
o After OS upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Build, server DBs moved to C:\Windows.old so was not available for server. Fixed
o If server network interface for current client connection became unavailable, client chose next available server interface incorrectly. Fixed
o False event input on camera stops could be generated when ‘Event Rule’ was just configured (after clicking on ‘Apply’ button). Fixed
o Cameras switched to Low-Res on layout because of high CPU usage but they didn’t return to Hi-Res when CPU usage became normal. Fixed
o Small items on the scene couldn’t be resized by right bottom corner. Fixed
o Thumbnails panel didn’t restore its state after qulu client was reopened. Fixed
o Bookmark tooltip could not be used when thumbnails panel was opened. Fixed
o Camera could not be added to exported layout. Fixed
o Speed down sometimes worked incorrectly for exported layouts. Fixed
o Client on Window 8 hung if export to .exe format was cancelled. Fixed
o Client crashed on hover over bookmarks on some hardware. Fixed
o Search mode allowed adding cameras on ‘Video Wall View’ layout. Fixed
o If data was exported from table storage analytics, not all headers were correctly exported. Fixed
o User login considered as case sensitive while logging in from web and mobile clients. Fixed
o Low-res video stream from Q was being loaded with big delay in mobile client on Android devices. Fixed
o Mobile client on Android devices hung after system language change. Fixed
o Web client did not stop video streaming from server when web interface was switched to the ‘Settings’ page. Fixed