1. Time search

Ensure you are logged on to the VIPER with the correct access level to allow Search / Playback and Downloading of data.

The simplest form of searching for video on the Viper is via the “TIME” search, the following documents this Time search process.

While viewing the live images, the tool bar below will be shown at the bottom of the screen:

Select the Search Icon (Magnifying glass), highlighted in red.

The following Search page will be displayed, click on the “TIME” tab,top left to show the calendar and time line


1. Manually select the time and date


2. Select a date on the calendar to display that days recording on the time line

3 . Use the selections within the yellow box to display camera 1-8 or 9-16, plus zoom in on the time line

4. Click on the coloured lines within the time line to select time and date


5. Click the PLAY button to play selected time


2.  Back up to USB ( Or DVD )

When you have found the correct time and date, this section can be “Bookmarked”. This makes it easier to select the data for downloading to USB (Or DVD)

The tool bar shown below, is displayed during playback.


**DVD is limited to 4x cameras when downloading Propriety Format H4V**

This tool bar can be expanded to give more options by clicking on the up arrow icon shown in the red box above

While viewing the recorded the video, at the desired time, click on the “Bookmark” icon shown in the red box above, this will tag the video.

Insert a USB Pen or DVD into the DVR.

To Download the bookmarked section of video to a USB pen (or DVD), click on the “Manual backup” icon shown in the green box above, this will display the following menu page:


  1. Select the dropdown arrow in the Bookmark box shown in blue, this will display all bookmarks, in date and time format: 

    (Year, Month, Day, time)

  2. Select the relevant Bookmark, the Start and End time boxes, shown in red, will automatically be filled, 5 mins prior to and 5 minutes after the bookmark time

  3. Theses times can be manually adjusted to suit if required.

  4. Select the camera channels required

  5. Optional – Give the download a logical name, click on the keyboard icon.

  6. Click on CALCULATE to ensure there is enough free space on the USB / DVD

  7. Finally click on START to download