New features and support are added to the Viper range regularly and you are recommended to upgrade and maintain your Viper to the 

latest firmware in order to benefit from these enhancements.

The latest Viper H4 feature is a new GUI and menu system to ease setup and support, as well as add increasing mobile device application 

support. Follow the procedure to upgrade your Viper H4 and enjoy the new GUI.


The previous H4 GUI will show as firmware version In order to upgrade to the new GUI (V2.15_ 170714125033 ), please take special 

note of the details below!


  • All NVR configuration will be defaulted! Make a note of essential details to re-enter once completed.
  • Any previous configuration back-up to USB device will not import back into version 2.15.
  • You cannot upgrade “direct” to the latest 2.15 firmware - must upgrade to V2.14_170314211428 first.
  • Once upgraded, NVR will default to Panic Mode Recording. Simply turn off and set your record schedule.
  • All previous video recordings will be maintained


  • Make a note and document all essential NVR configuration! You will need to manually re-enter on completion! Consider the following;
  • IP address, mask etc of WAN and PoE interfaces
  • Camera Titles
  • A note of which camera is assigned to each NVR Channel
  • User accounts\passwords
  • Recording schedule, FPS etc

  • Download firmware from  - go to SUPPORT > DOWNLOADS > VISTA
  • Then select links to IP > VIPER > UPGRADE to New GUI
  • Download both the intermediate V2.14 and final V2.15 files for your relevant NVR, i.e. 4, 8 or 16-channel.
  • Unzip the downloaded files and save both to the ROOT of a USB memory stick.
  • Insert memory stick into USB port of VIPER NVR
  • Login to NVR as Admin and enter the Main menu, go to SYSTEM > CONFIG
  • The current V1.20 and intermediate V2.14 firmware versions should be shown.
  • Click on UPGRADE
  • Wait for the unit to reboot and default, takes a few minutes.

Once NVR rebooted, login, but now using the defaulted ID = admin and Password = admin

Now continue the procedure to upgrade to the final V2.15;

  • Right-click anywhere on screen and select the menu options SETUP 
  • Next select menu options SYSTEM > F/W UPDATE - should show version = V2.15_ 170714125033
  • Click on UPGRADE

Updating will take a couple of minutes, wait for the NVR to reboot, then log in with admin\ admin once again.

The NVR will be in an initial Panic Mode Recording mode (fig 1.). Simply follow the below to disable;

  • Bottom Task Bar – right-most icon (Red Record Circle); click and select Stop Panic Record.
  • Now right-click anywhere on screen, select SETUP menu
  • Now click menu tabs RECORD > STREAM > PANIC and finally untick Panic Record option (fig 2.)

Fig1. Panic Record Icon

Fig 2.Turn off Panic Mode

To complete the upgrade, you will need to now manually re-enter the configuration details that you were advised to make a note of at the 

start of the procedure.


Your previous recordings will be intact. However, ensure that each IP camera is re-assigned back to the very same NVR Channel number as 

before the upgrade – to keep playback consistency!

Simply reassign cameras to the correct channel via the below screen example.


Note: for IP cameras on the PoE interface via DHCP – each camera may have been allocated a different IP address!

This completes the procedure.