This Procedure shows how to set up and enable Privacy Zones on the PVM10CAM Public View Monitor.


You must use Internet Explorer as your web browser to the camera 

If the PVM10CAM is in “portrait” mode the camera web page will be rotated anti-clockwise by 90 degrees – this is normal in this mode of operation. 

To remove a Privacy mask/s, simply left mouse click on the red X to the right of the window name and then click save. 

There are 5 privacy zones available, all are black. 


Equipment required: PC / Laptop with full admin rights with Internet Explorer installed. 

This procedure assumes that you are already connected to the PVM10CAM camera web pages via laptop / PC (be that DHCP or Static IP address)

  • On the PVM10CAM camera web pages, navigate to: 

    • Configuration/ Media / Image / Privacy mask tab

    • Tick the Enable privacy mask box 

    • Click on New and “Window name” box appears

    • Name the privacy zone as you wish, e.g. 1, then click Save and the following window appears

    • Click OK and move the mouse cursor to the starting point of your Privacy mask on the camera image and click left mouse button (this places the start point of the Privacy mask)

    • Move the mouse to the next point and Click left mouse button for the 2nd point

    • Once you get to the 3rd point and click left mouse button, this then links the“points” and you have your Privacy mask

    • Click save and a Grey privacy mask will appear on the web page and a black privacy mask on the PVM10CAM screen

This completes the procedure.