How to use the motorised lens function on HDA cameras

The following cameras in the HDA range have a motorised lens for ease of set up:







There are 2 ways that the lens can be adjusted to suit the field of view that you require:

  • From the tact switch on the camera (except the VEFED28V12MHDA)
  • Over the coax from a compatible DVR or test monitor (all models)

Tact switch – works with the camera in CVBS or HDA mode

Use UP = Zoom in 

DOWN = Zoom out

The camera will then auto focus based on the scene of view.

Coax control – works with the camera in HDA mode only 

TVI: Use HiK-C protocol from your compatible DVR or test monitor

AHD: Use Fastrax-C or ACP-PTZ from your compatible DVR or test monitor

(You will need to refer to your compatible DVR or test monitor manual for commands and how to get into PTZ mode).  

Additional set up for lenses

Within the OSD there is a separate sub menu (AF) which could assist with the set up if the lens cannot focus correctly e.g. due to something close to it and you require the focus to be on another part of the image:

  • AF MODE: Semi, Auto, Manual
  • SEMI: Waits until the zoom function has finished before focusing
  • AUTO: Tracks closely with the zoom
  • MANUAL: Once the camera is zoomed in using Semi or Auto, the Up / Down buttons allow manual focusing
  • ONE SHOT AF: Will focus the camera
  • TDN AF: Off / On 
    • On: Will refocus when switching between colour/B&W and B&W/colour modes
  • LENS INIT: Reinitializes the lens


The lens must only be moved via tact switch or coax telemetry only, any attempt to move the lens manually or by force will damage the motors.

The remote zoom and focus functionality is for set-up, periodic changes and day / night shift only - it is not designed for continuous use.

Any deviations from the above are outside normal operation and will invalidate the warranty.