This tech tip explains how to set the camera to True WDR.

By default the VP-HD20-SMe comes with both BNC outputs active:

  • Black BNC - CVBS output (700TVL)
  • Blue BNC – HD output (1080p - TVI)

This mode provides DWDR on both BNC outputs.

True WDR

Should you have a troublesome scene of view, then 120dB of true WDR is available, however, only via the HD output.

To achieve this, you will need to open the cover on the base of the camera and move S2 to OFF position (excerpt from manual below). This then activates WDR on the HD output. 

Once you go into the OSD and select WDR to be ON, please note that it DISABLES the CVBS output and no images will be available on it. 

If this is done inadvertently, then you will need to connect the VP-HD20-SMe to a DVR or monitor or test monitor that supports the TVI or AHD signal format and disable WDR to activate the CVBS output again, or you can slide S2 into the ON position, which will activate the CVBS channel again.