The following procedure allows you to default a Smart device to factory settings. This is a full device reset and passwords and user names will also be deleted.

Suitable for the following products:

VLS/VLS2: SmartTel, SmartMobile, SmartDisc & SmartDisc2 & SmartDiscIP

SmartDisc+ E(4/10)

Smart ipVG


All recordings and the log file of a hard disk in the chassis during the reset will be deleted and the hard disk will be reformatted. To keep recordings and storage settings, remove the hard disk before doing the reset of your SmartDisc (note that the Smart ipVG does not have a removable HDD, so you will lose recordings).

  • Switch the SmartDisc off (you will need a 9 pin Sub-D plug with pin 2 connected to pin 3, and pin 7 connected to pin 8 – see image below).

  • Plug this reset plug into the interface labelled "Transp. data/Control interface" (bottom 9 way port on the rear of the Smart)
  • Switch the SmartDisc unit on and wait until LED Power on the front starts flashing.
  • Remove the reset plug.
  • Your SmartDisc unit will be ready again as soon as device reset and re-initialisation have been completed and there will be no password and the default IP address is: