The following information shows what is required to use the Smart with eSATA

Notes: Please note that this will only work with VLS2 and SmartDisc+ E devices due to shape of the removable caddy

You will require the following part to “unlock” the eSATA port on the rear of the Smart:

0467390  VLS2-RAID-ID Raid ID for SmartDisc+ E          


The VLS2-RAID-ID is a 1TB HDD with secure code, which when put in a Smart will “unlock” the eSATA port on the rear to allow you to use the RAID of your choice and when you dial into the Smart to view the archive it sees the RAID as just archive space. Should the RAID device plugged into the eSATA port:


Lose power

Connecting cable fail

The recordings will then fail over onto the built in 1TB drive in the removable caddy.