The following information allows basic customisation the front end of the LITE and PRO software V3.76 or later (small and large logo, along with the text).

After software installation

To customise the Vista SmartControl LITE software, you need three files, which have to be copied to the program directory after installation (normally C:\Vistacont in standard installation).

There are two bitmap graphics files called:

  • logoopv.bmp and
  • screenopv.bmp

The configuration file is called:

  • captionopv.ini.

Note: if you do a software update, these 3 OPV files are not overwritten.

Bitmap graphics files

The following sizes have been tested for bitmap graphics files:

logoopv.bmp (Logo):

  • 172 x 76 pixels
  • 130 x 60 pixels (for screen resolutions of < 1024 pixels in width)

screenopv.bmp (Large Bitmap):

860 x 573 pixels

720 x 451 pixels (for screen resolutions of < 1024 pixels in width)

Note: the bitmaps must be available in standard Windows format with no more than 256 colours.

Configuration file

Via the captionopv.ini configuration file you can specify the program name, if applicable, to be displayed in the Windows Title. The Windows Title is adjusted with the following entry:

captionopv.ini [CAPTION] CAPTION=SmartControl

Note: the program name must not have more than 31 characters.

Before installation

It is recommended that this file should contain the relevant contact information for your customers.

firma.txt [ADRESSE]


FA2=210 Wharfedale Road

FA3=Winnersh Triangle


FA5=Berkshire RG41 5TP

FA6=Tel: 0800-484782