The following information shows what files you should save on a regular basis as a back up incase your PC were to fail or you wanted to move the software to another PC. By transferring the below files, it will carry across all RO1 (PTZ controls), PC port settings, Software screen location and address book – potentially saving re-entering a huge amount of data!!!!!

Load the LITE or PRO software to the new client PC (note that from PRO v4.30, the USB dongle is not required). Please copy the following files from the current location on the old PC. If it was a default installation the files can be found in the following location:

LITE - C:\Vistacont

PRO - C:\Vista Control PRO

These will need to be copied to the same location in the software on the new PC (or the Vistacont or Vista Control PRO folder if the default location was not used).