This document will describe the process for changing Logos and setting Privacy zones on the VK2-PVM10CAM monitor.

To be able to change the Logos or add Privacy zones, you must be able to access the monitor’s web page.

IP Address setting

Please download “Smart Manger”, this program detects any VK2 product on the network and allows simple IP address setting as well as simple access to the monitors web page. 

Smart Manager can be found on following link:

Smart Manager will identify any VK2 product on the network and shows it IP address.

The VK2-PVM10CAM monitors are set to DHCP, so will be allocated a DHCP address if this facility is available on the network. If not they will default to address 

If there is no DHCP service on the network, then manually set the address of each monitor by right clicking on the unit in the list and Select the “Assign IP” address option ( Note: the Laptop must be in the same Network segment: 192.168.30……)


Changing Logos

The VK2-PVM10CAM monitor is set as default to be installed in Portrait mode with the camera on the left hand side of the monitor with a Vista Logo preloaded.


This logo can be changed to display any logo or image. This new logo or image needs to be a Jpeg image of resolution 1920 x 1080.

(Note: Vista can assist with creating new logo files)


Once the IP address of the monitor is set, the icon to the left-hand side on Smart Manager will change to Green, this indicates that the Web page is accessible:


Double Click on the monitor within the List to open the web page 

! Important: - ensure the default browser used is Internet Explorer

The main Menu page will appear as shown below:

Click on the Setup Icon, then enter the user name and password, as default these are admin / admin.

In the Setup Menu select, System > PVM to display the page below:

Privacy zone set up

To set up privacy zones select: Video & Image > Privacy Masking as shown below:



Firmware upgrade via Smart Manager

New features and support are added to the VK2-PVM monitors regularly and you are recommended to upgrade and maintain your Monitors to the latest firmware in order to benefit from these enhancements.


  • Download firmware from  - go to SUPPORT > DOWNLOADS > VISTA IP.
  • Then select links to VK2-PVMxxCAM, select the firmware for the VK2-PVM10CAM
  • Download this ZIP file
  • Unzip the downloaded file and save to a location on a PC / Laptop.
  • On the PC / Laptop Start  the Smart Manager utility (Start > All programs > Smart Manager > Smart Manager).

The main window will display, after a short while any network devices connected to the network will be displayed in the list. (Fig 1)

  • Select the monitor to be upgrade ( Note: multiple monitors can be upgraded at once)


Fig 1

Fig 2


  • Right click and select Upgrade Firmware... (Fig 3) Firmware Update message is displayed click OK
  • Browse to where Firmware was saved on PC in previous step, then select file, then click open. (Fig 4)
  • Firmware process will begin (Fig 5)
  • Once update has completed will say Success click close the unit will then reboot. (Fig 6)

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

Once the Monitor has rebooted, login, using the "Admin" ID and Password. [Default ID = admin and Password = admin]

For a full description of all the VK2-PVM10CAM functions, please refer to the main manual supplied with the monitor.

This completes the procedure.