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When using Web browser access to an Optio DVR\NVR – from a PC or laptop with a 4K screen - the rendering\display of camera video appears to “go off” the page and prevent PTZ menus displaying correctly on the right-hand side of the screen (examples below).

Fig 1 Incorrect Display

Fig 2 Correct Display

The above (fig 1) will normally be caused by a simple display setting within Windows setup to enlarge the Windows font when using 4K resolution screens. Follow the procedure below to change the Windows setting so Optio displays correctly (fig 2.).



For the following procedure we assume Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 are being used;

  • Minimise IE and any other applications that are open – so you can see the Windows wallpaper\background.

  • Right-click in the Windows background and select [Display Settings] (fig)

  • The setting for [Change the size of text, app, and other] needs to be set to 100% - change it and apply.

Fig 3

Fig 4

  • Close the Windows Display Settings menu and reopen Internet Explorer ad log-in to Optio again.
  • Video should be displayed correctly now and PTZ control visible on the right-hand side.

  • Fonts and menus within Optio may appear too small to read – increase the size of them by holding the key [Ctrl] key down and press the [+] key to enlarge. Press [Ctrl] and [-] to reduce the size.

    NOTE: Font size and icons within Windows may now appear too small for your preference at a scaling of 100% in 4K resolution. At present the only solution – until an Optio update is issued – is to change the PC\laptop resolution from 4K to 1080.


  • Repeat the procedure above to enter Windows [Display Settings] menu, then;
  • Change the graphics display adapter resolution to 1080 (fig 5) and apply

  • Confirm Optio via IE is still displaying correctly.

Fig 5

This concludes the procedure