The VIPER-HDAENC-16 is a 16 Channel Analogue to IP encoder, that supports CVBS, TVI and AHD video formats. 

The encoder is "Onvif" compliant and each channel supports 2x streams {Main & Sub 16x Main 16x Sub 32x stream URL's in total} 

The URL is made up in the following way :-

  • rtsp://<ipaddress>:554/Input/Stream_No
    • IP ADDRESS    Device IP Address
    • Port                 Port rtsp is normal 554
    • Input               Camera input on Encoder 1-16
    • Stream            1 or 2 [Main or Sub]

Example of a stream url's used to get video from camera/channel 1

  • rtsp://
  • rtsp://

Set up on IFT

No PTZ support just video.

The IFT supports Analytics which it uses to analyse the connected streams please see associated manual for more information on how to configure.

This Completes the Procedure.