This procedure will describe how to connect an Audio source [Mic or Line Level] to a VK2 IP Camera that supports audio.


Firstly, connect Audio source to camera input connection terminals “MIC In & Gnd” [connection type varies on cameras Screw, Phono or 2.5mm Jack. Fig 1]. 

The camera will accept Mic or Line Level.

                                                                               Fig 1

Once this is done you will need to: -

  • Web browse into the camera and login in as Admin
  • Click on menus Audio > Basic click Enable audio [Fig 2]
  • Select Compression type
  • Select Audio Input type
  • Internal Amp {Mic Input}
  • External Amp {Line Level}
  • Input volume can be adjusted if required

If need more information, click on the “Help Button” this will guide you though the settings.

Fig 2

Click on Save and check the audio is working via web browser “Live View” click on Audio volume to listen.

This completes the procedure.