The following Procedure explains how to set VIPER HDAL and VIPER HDA DVRs to Hybrid Mode.


The VIPER DVR Recorders can be set to accept up to 25% of their inputs to IP [max resolution 1920x1080]


  • Right click on screen with mouse, Menu appears then left click [Log In] enter admins user and password to login (Fig 1)
  • Right-click in live screen select [Setup] (Fig 2)
  • System Menu displayed Click [Run]this will run “Easy Installation” wizard (Fig 3)
    • Step 1. “Account” Click [Next] will see a “Password is too weak” prompt if default / poor password has been to used click [OK] to ignore and proceed.
    • Step 2. “System” (Fig 4)

 Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3


Fig 4

Fig 5

  • Select required option then click [Apply] Message displayed “The System will Restart. Do you want to Continue” Click [OK] (Fig 5)
    • Analog only, Analog (12) + IP cam (4) or Analog [14] +IP cam (2)
    • Options are dependent on Model (in this Procedure we have used a 16 Chan unit)
  • Displays “Please Wait, Reboot Now” (Fig 6)
  • Once DVR reboots can Add IP Cameras via new menu option [Camera Registration] (Fig 7) See separate “How to Add VK2 Cameras to HDAL & HDA VIPERS” guide.



 Fig 6

  Fig 7

 This completes the procedure.