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The Optio range of HDA cameras support four different video formats (AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS).

The VIPER HDA Recorders/Encoder support both AHD & TVI high definition video formats along with CVBS.

We recommend setting the Optio HDA camera and the VIPER HDA Recorder/Encoder to TVI for best results.



Fig 1

Fig 2



First select TVI video for the OPA camera by setting [switch 1] = OFF and [switch 2] = ON (Fig 1).

The camera will now reboot into TVI video mode.

Next enter the VIPER DVR setup menu and go to DEVICE > PTZ and set the protocol to HIKVISION-C(TVI) (Fig 2) on all relevant channels.

Fig 3

Fig 4


Once the OPA camera and VIPER recorder are set for TVI we can start controlling the lens and make changes in the camera menu.


Next select [PTZ Control] from the VIPER "right click" menu (Fig 3). The PTZ Control interface will appear in front of the video to allow you to see the effect of the changes made.


Use the Zoom & Focus buttons on the PTZ Control interface to adjust the cameras lens * viewing angle and fine-tune the focal point.


             = Zoom Out & Zoom In

             = Focus Far & Focus Near


*Only applicable for varifocal camera options.




To access the OPA camera menu click the [IRIS OPEN] button on the PTZ control interface. (Fig 4)


This will display the camera menu and can be controlled by clicking the UP & DOWN arrows or moving the cross hatch UP or DOWN (Fig 5).


Fig 5


To confirm and save any changes in the camera menu press [IRIS OPEN]  and select "save" to exit.


This concludes the procedure.