Step by step

Order Process

  1. Salesperson needs to complete the 2 blue sections of the form, then send the form  to their customer.
  2. The customer fills in the rest of form, indicating the number and type of licenses etc. They must also add the current license keys into the section provided, if there is more than one license key, then use sheet 2. An HTML (browser based) License look up tool is provided.
  3. Sales - please process the order as a direct shipment and send the completed form to Purchasing.
  4. Purchasing will place the order with Veracity and include the competed form.
  5. Please allow 4-5 days for order processing on temporary licenses.
  6. Veracity will e-mail license codes back to Purchasing who will in turn send these on to the Salesperson
  7. Salesperson is then to forward these onto the customer.


Upgrade Process

  1. Customer then performs the following step to convert from Qulu to NX
  2. Qulu System must be version 3.1 or above
  3. Qulu system must be on-line, for license de-activation and activation of NX licenses.
  4. Current Qulu system configuration must be noted, including: Camera titles, record rates etc
  5. Once all configuration is noted, then the customer de-activates the Qulu licenses.
    1. In Qulu Client open "System Administration" and switch to the tab "Licenses".
      Select license and click "Deactivate".
  6. A screen shot of de-activated licenses must be taken, this needs to be sent to and copied to Note: The NX licenses are a 30 day temporary license. Licences must be transferred within a 25 day timeframe. Temporary Licences will time out at 30 days. If time out occurs new licenses must be purchased, no exceptions.
  7. Disconnect System from Q Cloud.
    1. In Qulu Client open "System Administration" and switch to the tab "Qcloud".
      Click on "Disconnect System from Qcloud". Cloud users will be deleted from System.
  8. Create backup of Qulu database
    1. “System Administration”, “General” -> “Create backup…”, save the file
  9. Un-install the Qulu software
  10. Rename archive folders
    1. "Rename folder "Qulu Media" to "HD Witness Media" on all HDDs and network drives. For example, "C:\Qulu Media" → "C:\HD Witness Media".
  11. Install the latest version of NX-Witness Server/Client if applicable. Any Client PC’s will need to have NX Witness Client installed and remove Qulu Client. Available from here
  12. Connect to Server and restore from the backup in System Administration [Point 8]
  13. If you don't see camera archive in Client, start "Restore archive index" procedure (Server Settings → Storage Management → Reindex Archive/Reindex Backup).
  14. Activate temporary licenses.
  15. Reconfigure cameras manually if required
  16. The screen shot of the de-activated licenses will be sent to Network Optics, once they receive this, the Qulu  licenses will be deleted from their system so they cannot be reused. At the same time the temporary NX licenses are converted to full licenses.
  17. Uninstall Qulu (LINK)
  18. More details can be found her
  19. NX Witness Mobile is required, qulu2 mobile is not compatible with NX Witness.