The VIPER NVRs and DVRs can be connected to the VIPER-Remote app using the P2P function. This simplifies the set up by avoiding 

the setting up of Port forwarding rules on the Router.

P2P works by registering the device with a remote server which holds the details of each device, when the App user conencts connects 

to the device, the connection is made via this remote server.

This Function relies on the MAC address being registered on the remote server.


Registering the VIPER with the remote server 

To register the VIPER on the remote server to allow the P2P function to work with the App, the administrator needs to ensure that the VIPER 

is on a IP network with access to the Internet. 

Next to go to the Network section of the set up menu as shown below:

Click on the Registration button ,

Wait for a short period, then if all is ok the Message “Registered” will appear in green .

The VIPER is now ready for connection to the App via the P2P QR code scanning.

Older VIPER units already installed.


The remote server holds a data base of MAC address of VIPER units. Some of the older VIPER units will not be contained within this data 

base and will need to be manually added to allow the P2P function to operate. 

If during the registration process the following message is displayed:

Then the device MAC address is not contained in the Server database and  will need to be added.

Go to the Network > Basic menu page and take a note of the devices MAC address:


Next:  Contact Vista Technical Support on 01189 125 125, and supply them with the MAC address of the Viper.

We will have to contact the factory with the MAC address and get them to manually add the address to the server.

This may take more than 24 hours, after which,  when you click on the Registration button you will get the green "Registered" message.


The Unit will need to be rebooted to activate the registration. On rare occasions may need to Factory Default the NVR.