The FSK Adapter is required to allow the VIPER DVR to control composite video format Vista PTZ domes over the coax. 

System wiring configuration:

1. Connect the coax cable from the PTZ dome to the CAMERA IN on the FSK Adaptor. 

2. Connect the coax cable from the CAMERA OUT on the FSK Adapter to the VIPER DVR. 

    Note: The video channel numbers on the adapter and DVR must match 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and etc. 

3. Connect the RS485 cable from FSK Adapter to VIPER DVR RS485 port (+ to +, - to -).

4. Connect 5VDC 1A adapter in the FSK Adapter. 

5. Set the PTZ protocol for the specific channels to FSK in the DVRs PTZ menu.