The following Procedure explains how to add a Hikvision IP camera [Default Setting] to a VIPER NVR

All Hikvision cameras need to be activated via SDAP software. Once this is done a password can be set up on the camera. {see camera instructions}

Cameras are set to IP Address by Default

A separate PC running SDAP software {Discovery Application} & POE switch will be needed to do the initial set up of the camera.

Default password on VIPER [admin/admin]

If the camera has FW v5.5.xx or later a ONVIF User has to be set up initially on the camera. 

On FW v5.5.xx ONVIF Support is disabled by default.

See separate document ONVIF Disabled in v5.5.xx FW 

How to Activate Camera

Once Camera is activated you will be able to login into the cameras web interface. 

  • Go to Network > Basic Settings > TCP/IP set to DHCP

  • Go to System > Security > Security Service

  • Untick "Enable Illegal Login Lock" click Save

Once the above is completed connect the Camera to a free POE port on the VIPER

How to Connect Camera

  • When the camera is connected the below is displayed 

  • Right click the on the camera window and select Camera Registration

  • List of cameras discovered is displayed
  • Select required camera 
    • Assign Channel 
    • Enter camera login details User/Password

  • Click check if details are correct the camera will show connected

  • Click Apply 
  • Exit Menus and check the camera is displayed

End of procedure