The following Procedure explains how to add Axis IP cameras to a VIPER NVR


A separate PC running Axis IP Finder {Discovery Application} & POE switch will be needed to do the initial set up of the camera.

Method 1 [Using Direct connection to the VIPER]

Login in to cameras Web Interface using Administrator User/Password [Latest Axis FW is only supported via Chrome or Firefox]

Check camera is set to DHCP

Check Camera is set to get Time via DHCP

Set Time Zone.

Select Setting Page, then select ONVIF option

Next Set up a ONVIF User & media Profiles 

  • Example in our set up was  User:- admin PW:- admin
  • Administrator has to be set if you wish to configure media setting via the VIPER

Configure ONVIF Media Profiles.

As default Axis camera has 2x ONVIF Profiles 

  • profile_1 h264 is Max resolution max framerate. You can leave this as default and change in VIPER once connected
  • profile_1jpeg Default is jpeg (VIPER does not support JPEG)

  • Select Profile Name and click "Modify"
  • This needs to be changed from jpeg to h.264 in the camera interface, click on profile and edit 
    • Encoding - Change to H264  
    • Resolution - Lower Resolution
    • Frame rate - Lower Frame rate
    • Rename profile for identification purposes
    • Example below

Once the above is completed plug the camera directly into the VIPER NVR the camera will be automatically added.

If "ONVIF" user details are not admin/admin then the correct login details will need to be entered.

Method 2 [Connecting Camera on WAN Network]

Follow the above process except for the Time & Date set up, when using this method you need to set the camera NTP Server to the NVR IP Address.

Adding Web Interface Access

If a user is required for Web Interface access to the camera, other than Administrator.  Follow step below to add Extra User.

Add a User in this example admin with a password of admin was set up 

Select Role

  • Administrator 
  • Operator
  • Viewer

This completes the procedure.