The following information shows what is required to update the firmware on a Smart

Note: in most instances, the latest version of firmware is embedded within the latest software. For details of what the new firmware provides, please see the firmware history.txt file for the relevant Smart device (part of the release pack notes).  

  • Download the firmware to the PC or copy from a USB and extract all files (if it is in a compressed/zipped folder)
  • Copy the extracted files into C:\Vistacont\DeviceUpdates (see image below - this assumes you have carried out the default installation for the SmartControl software)

  • Connect to your Smart device using the SmartControl software, enter the set up menu and select the Firmware update tab. Select the firmware you want to update your device to, check the tick box (as per image below).

  • Click the OK box, a small box will then ask you to confirm the selection and click ok again.
  • The firmware will then start to be uploaded which could take between 5-10 minutes (depending on network speeds), the Smart will then do a power recycle to accept these changes – this normally takes 2-3 minutes.
  • The Smart unit is then ready for re-use/programming.


 Important Notes:

 Any programmed settings will not be changed.

 Any settings not saved prior to uploading the new firmware will not be implemented.