The following Procedure explains how to add HikVision Thermal Camera Streams manually via RTSP to the Decoder {this method can also be used with the VIPER NVRS}

These units have 2x Dedicated cameras "Optical & Thermal" the Optical camera is discovered via "ONVIF" but the Thermal camera needs to be added via "RTSP" 

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The procedure assumes you have already enabled "ONVIF Protocol" RTSP stream URL for Thermal Camera




  • Right click on screen with mouse, Menu appears then left click [Log In] enter user and password to login (Fig 1)
  • Using the Mouse move the cursor to the centre of a free channel
  • Left click on [Add to Ch] (Fig 2)

Fig 1

Fig 2

  • Camera Registration Menu will appear (Fig 3)
  • Select Connection Mode and change to RTSP URL
  • Enter Username and Password of camera device you are adding
  • Enter the RTSP URL for Primary and Secondary Streams {if device only supports single stream enter Primary only}
  • If no secondary stream is available, no image will be displayed on layouts above 4way
  • Enter Port {default is 554 for RTSP} if this has been changed on device change to required port (Fig 4)

Fig 3Fig 4

  • Once details have been entered select [Regist] (Fig 5)
  • Streams will be added and displayed if correct details are entered (Fig 6)

Fig 5Fig 6

This completes the procedure.