This procedure describes how to add devices to VIPER-Central management software. These can be VIPER DVRs and NVRs, Vista Decoders and Encoders and VK2 Cameras.


PC or Laptop with VIPER-Central Software installed. Devices and PC need to be connected to the same network via a “Ethernet Switch” or Devices have an external Public IP Address.

“VIPER-Central” Management software (available on CD that comes with Cameras and Viper range of products or downloadable via


  • On the PC / Laptop start [VIPER-Central software application] (Start > All programs > VIPER-Central > VIPER-Central ). The main window will display with “Login Box” (Fig 1)
  • Login into the software with “Admin” User credentials {These details are set up when the software is installed on the PC} Admin User is required to add devices user groups authority etc
  • Next go to “VIPER Central Icon” top left and left click. Options will be displayed (Fig 2)


Fig 1

Fig 2


  • Select [Setup] Device list will be displayed, here you can “Discover and Manually add Devices” (Fig 3)
  • Click on “Search Device” all devices on the local network will be discovered (Fig 4)
  • Next click on the Devices you wish to add to the system, then Click “Add Device”

Fig 3

Fig 4


  • Device / Devices will be added to the system automatically using default credentials {they will be a lighter colour to show they have been added} (Fig 5)
  • If the default credentials have been changed a login box will be displayed were you can enter updated details. (Fig 6)


Fig 5

Fig 6

  • Next click “Close” Devices you have added will be shown then click “Save” “Save Complete” message displayed.
  • Click “Close” “Do you want to Apply the Current Configuration?” message displayed click “Yes”
  • Set up menus will close, Main Display window is shown, Devices will appear in device tree from here you can view images etc from VK2 cameras, VIPER DVR/NVR Range and the Encoders – Decoders.


Fig 7

Video available here VIPER Central: Adding Devices

This completes the procedure.